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MMDS power supply
Put SATV, CATV, Telphone and LAN ports together on one plate.
Sat port: 950-2300MHz
Insertion Loss: <3dB
Return Loss: >10dB
Isolation Loss: 25dB
Antenna port: 5-860MHz
Insertion Loss: <2dB
Return Loss: >10dB
Isolation Loss: 25dB
Integrated Gain: 50 dB

RF Input Frequency: 2500 - 2686 MHz

RF Output Frequency: 222 - 408 MHz

LO Frequency: 2278 MHz +/- 15 KHz

LO Frequency Stability: +/- 30 KHz; +/- ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
F81 adaptor with hardware/washer and nut
Single/dual ground bloack, made of Zinc alloy, nick plated
Satellite finder with signal strength bar made of LEDs
Window cable goes throw window without drilling hole.
DT-SF01 Satellite Finder signal strength meter is used to maximize a satellite signal between the LNBs and the receiver. It simply plugs in-line and shows how strong a signal you ...
Coaxial cable with connectors fixed.
Any physical specification of coaxial cable,at any length is available for different market
565 JCAM seamless al tube coaxial cable
Frequency(MHz) Insertion Loss(dB) Return Loss(dB) Isolation out-out(dB) Impedance(Ohm)
In Out In Out
5-47 3. 7 14 10 18 75 75
47-470 3. 7 15 15 20
470-860 4. 0 15 15 20 ...
RG6 Compression connector with O ring,made of copper
Indoor DVB-T anenna with built-in amplifier
2X1 DisEqc Switch with waterproof box
Frequency range: 900-2400MHz

Insertion Loss: 3dB
Power Passing: 500mA max

Power: 12-20V DC/30 Ma
Isolation: >=30dB

Ver: 2. 0
Satellite finder with built-in compass, 22KHz & 13/18V LEDs, for convenient installation, more popular in North America
Satellite finder with tone function,easy use
Earpiece is included

Specification Ports Frequency dB Data Power
12288; In-out 5-860MHz 23 18V/50mA
12288; 12288; 12288; 12288;
12288; In-out; 12288; 10
12288; 12288; 12288; 12288; ...
Model Number Freq. (MHz) Insertion loss(dB) Isolation Loss(dB) Return Loss(dB)
In-out in-TV in-FM out-TV in-out in-TV in-FM in out TV FM

5-56 - 6 18 - - - 18 16 16 ...
Satellite Finder with F-F cable in polyfoam protection box in individual box
Mesh sat dish
180cm, 210cm, 240cm, 270cm, 300cm
Al material,polar mounting
RG6 Coaxial Cable Stripper
Min. Order: 2,000 Pieces
2 In 1 Multi-function Satpointer compass with tone
Frequency(MHz) Insertion Loss In-Out(dB) Return Loss(dB) Isolation out-out(dB) Impedance(Ohm)
In Out In Out
5-1000 7 11 11 18 ...

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