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Dard shield Quad-shield Messe-
Nger Stan-
Dard shield Quad-shield Messe-
Nger Stan-
Dard shield ...
2 way splitter solder back with RFI -120dB
Input Freq. Range: Low Band: 10. 70~11. 70GHz

High Band: 11. 70~12. 75GHz

F/D Ratio: 0. 6

Conversion Gain: 45dB @ 2 Celsius degree

Gain Flatness: 4dB over Band
Various sizes of cable clips
4-way 5-2300MHz vertical type splitter
A mode of economy window cable
To allow a TV aerial or satellite cable to pass through a window frame without having to drill a hole through the wall
To connect with TV. We supply various TV plugs, F connectors, adaptors and are exporting South Americal at large quantity.
Professional waterproof connector for RG11, 500, 565, 625, 650, 750, 860 Al tube cable

Samples are available
Holders for 2 LNBs or 4 LNBs
To receive 91, 101, 110 and 119 on a single dish.
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
TV converter chip with connect wire
F tool with open hex pipe.DIgiTele Sole Supply
Palb/G Secam
RF output Level: 66+(-)3. 5dB uV
Output Channel: VHF 4
Input A: 2RCA A/V
Input B: 75 ohm Antenna
Input C: Scart input
Power: AC120V/AC220V
TV to Ant insertion: ...
Satellite Finder kit including sat finder,compass,F-F cable,power cord and battery holder in PVC carrier box
Single LNBF
Input Frequency Range
10. 7~12. 75GHz

F/D Ratio
0. 6

Conversion Gain
60dB(Typ. )

Input Interface
Waveguide WR-75

Cross Pol. Isolation ...
To receive digital terrestrial TV signal as well as radio programs (DVB-T).
The metal-silver, flat and stylish housing is perfectly complied with your HDTV or PDP TV set.
Various BNC connectors,made of brass

Samples are available
Input frequency range: 2. 5-2. 7GHz
Input connector: Integrated dipole
Gain: 36 +/- 2dB (typ. )
Gain flatness: +/- 0. 5dB/6MHz; +/- 2. 5dB/in band
Noise figure: 1. 5dB (typ. ) ...
Inner Conductor: 2.77mm CCA
Isolation: 11.40mm FPE
Shielding: Al tube 12.7mm
Jacket: 12.50/14.6mm(with messenger)
(Messenger): 2.77mm
Min. Order: 30,000 Meters
Products Figure
Return Loss Ports 10dB (Typ. )
Frequency Range 900~2400MHz Ports Type All ports 75ohm F-TYPE Female
Ports Isolation: >25dB >25dB(Typ. ) Insertion Loss <=3. ...
5-1000MHz/2400MHz splitter W/O solder rear seal for high screening performance
2-way vertical splitter,5-1000MHz/2500MHz
Frequency Range:46-870MHz
Channel RF input/Output:75 Ohm
Input Voltage:AC 90-260V
5-40 13.5 20 6
40-1000 14 20 10
1000-1750 16.5 17 8.0
1750-2050 18 15 8.0
2050-2300 19.5 15 6
Diameter: 1. 85M
Mounting: Polar mount
C band
Gain @4. 0GHz 1. 5M 34. 5dB&pound; » 1. 85M 36dB
Explain: Panel (Sector Divided)¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ 6 ...

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